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Prof. Dr.-Ing Helmut W. Jung

Department of Cooperative Studies
Professor for General Business Administration, particularly market- oriented corporate management / marketing

T: +49 (0)30 30877-2412
F: +49 (0)30 30877-2019
E: helmut.jung(at)hwr-berlin.de

Visitor's address
Lichtenberg Campus
Building 5
Room 5.3007
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin

Postal address
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Lichtenberg Campus
Faculty 2
Building 5
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin


Academic and Professional Career

  • Doctorate from the Technical University of Braunschweig with a focus on the economic, technical and pedagogical success factors of education services
  • Research associate at the English-speaking International University of Bruchsal and at the TU Brauschweig
  • Vocational teaching qualification (2nd State Examination for teaching at vocational schools – Aachen and Göttingen)
  • Studied International Management with a focus on marketing (MBA Reutlingen and Shanghai)
  • Studied Electrical Engineering (doctorate in engineering from Saarbrücken)
  • Since January 2007: Professor at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) and the Steinbeis University Berlin
  • Corporate consultant to small and medium-sized enterprises and to large companies on international business development (particularly S.E. Asia and North Africa)
  • Founded the company IfALT (Institute for Applied Learning Technologies) in Braunschweig
  • Deputy Managing Director of the Department for International Group Strategy at Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn
  • Restructuring and development of Festo China Ltd., Shanghai
  • Development engineer in the building of musical instruments at the company Hughes & Kettner in St. Wedel
  • Coal miner
  • Car mechanic

Key Aspects of practise

  • Lean management for optimising organisations and business processes – in collaboration with Lean Alliance
  • Development and evaluation of new ideas for staff development and staff management – in collaboration with Volkswagen AG
  • International lobbying work preparatory to the tendering for contracts by government departments in North Africa and S.E. Asia
  • Strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises – with a particular focus on the use of new communication media
  • Development of sustainable business models for provision of educational services

International contacts (e. g.)

  • Joint international study programmes with universities, e.g. Shanghai (People’s Republic of China), Cambridge (UK), Kyoto (Japan)
  • Joint international research projects with universities and universities of applied sciences in, for example, Karlsruhe, Munich, Hanover, Lübeck, Braunschweig
  • Large companies e.g. Deutsche Telekom, FESTO, SAP and small and medium-sized enterprises e.g. Braun, Whirlpool

Expert for

  • International corporate development and corporate management
  • Strategies and business models for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • International marketing management
  • Development and implementation of sustainable blended learning concepts

Key Aspects in Teaching

  • Basic principles of market-oriented corporate management for small and medium-sized enterprises with a focus on manufactured goods and services
  • Development of business models for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • International market cultivation

Research Projects and Fields

  • Spontaneous business networks – collaboration with University of Karlsruhe since 2009
  • Lean management in small and medium-sized enterprises – collaboration with Lean Alliance and the Steinbeis University Berlin since 2009
  • The transfer of practice-oriented principles of teaching and learning at universities – planned joint research project in the network of universities of applied science (UAS7) – since 2010

Selected, current Publications

  • Handbook on Quality and Standardisation in E-Learning,2006
  • Einsatzkonzepte und Geschäftsmodelle im E-Learning, 2005
  • Bildungscontrolling – Strategien jenseits von ROI, 2005
  • E-Lerning Services in the Crossfire: Pedagogy, Economy and Technology