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Prof. Dr. Kristina Bautze

Department of Public Administration
Specialist area: General administrative law, police law and regulatory law, public international law

T: +49 (0)30 30877-2663
E: kristina.bautze@hwr-berlin.de

Visitor's address
Lichtenberg Campus
Building 1
Room 1.1046
Alt Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin

Postal address
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Lichtenberg Campus
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin


Academic and Professional Career

  • 1975–1981: Studied law at the University of Hanover
  • August 1981: Second state examination in law
  • 1981–1985: Research associate at the University of Hanover
  • June 1984: Doctorate (Dr. jur.)
  • 1985 –1988: Research associate at the Federal Administrative Court
  • 1989: Expert adviser to the Federal Ministry of Building and Urban Design
  • Since September 1989: Professor at the FHVR Berlin (now Berlin School of Economics and Law – BSEL)

Research Projects and Fields

  • Terrorism and public international law
  • Cultural comparisons, intercultural communication
  • Public international law

Planned projects

  • Does consent exclude the violation of human dignity?

Selected, current Publications

  • Recht am Ende? Völkerrecht in Zeiten des internationalen Terrorismus, in: Verwaltung, Recht und Gesellschaft, Festschrift für Peter Heinrich zum 65. Geb, Berlin 2006, S.111 ff.
  • Völkerrecht und Terrorismus, in: Komitee für Grundrecht und Demokratie(Hrsg.), Jahrbuch 2007, Münster 2007 , S. 76 ff.
  • Die humanitäre Intervention – Dilemma des Völkerrechts? In: Auf dem Weg zur Hochschule für öffentliche Aufgaben, Festschrift für HansPaul Prümm zum 60. Geb., Berlin 2008
  • Gleiches Recht für alle? Anmerkungen zu den Aktivitäten des Internationalen Strafgerichthofes, Berlin 2009 ( noch nicht veröffentlicht)

Selected dissertation topics

  • The constitutionality of sponsoring
  • The failure of the UN in Ruanda and its effects on the process of protecting human rights – UNAMIR from Oct. 93 to March 94
  • Historical development of the law of war from the 18th century to the present day
  • The status in international law of Guantanamo Bay and its internees
  • The Nicaragua judgement of the International Court of Justice