Prof. Dr. Beate Jochimsen

Department of Business and Economics
Professor for Public Finance
Specialist area: Economics

T: +49 (0)30 30877-1475
E: beate.jochimsen(at)

Visitor's address
Schöneberg Campus
Building B
Room 1.15
Badensche Straße 50-51
10825 Berlin

Postal address
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Schöneberg Campus
Badensche Straße 52
10825 Berlin


Academic and Professional Career

  • since 04/2010 Full Professor of Public Economics at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.
  • 2010 venia legendi (post-doctoral degree) in economics, Free University of Berlin.
  • 2002–03/2010 Assistant Professor, Free University of Berlin, Institute of Public Finance and Social Policy, and associated post-doc researcher at the Social Science Research Centre Berlin.
  • 2000–2001 Chief of staff to the minister of finance of the state, Berlin.
  • 2000 Ph.D. in economics, Technical University Berlin.
  • 09–12/1997 Visiting Fellow, European University Institute Florence, Italy.
  • 1996–1999 Research Assistant, Institute for Economics, Technical University of Berlin.
  • 1995 Diplom-Volkswirtin, (Equivalent to a Master in Economics), University of Cologne.
  • 1994 M.Sc. (Econ.) in European Studies, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.
  • 1988–1990 Apprenticeship, Deutsche Bank Berlin AG.

Key Aspects of practise

  • Since 2009: Member of the Evaluation Commission for the Law of Higher Education Institutions in Hamburg.
  • Since 2007: Expert of the parliament of North-Rhine-Westphalia for the following topics: debt brake, sustainable consolidation of public budgets.
  • Since 2007: Consultant in public financial affairs to different political parties at the federal and at the state level.
  • 2004-2006, Scientific Report for the oldest business club of Berlin (VBKI).
  • Since 2003: Member of the permanent working group “Public Finances”, Federal Ministry of Finance.

International contacts (e. g.)

  • Several Universities
  • Social Science Research Centre, Berlin.
  • Max-Planck-Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law, Munich.
  • European Investment Bank, Luxemburg.


  • 2008 and 2006 conference awards of the Verein für Socialpolitik.
  • 2007 Hans-Jürgen-Ewers-Preis for applied infrastructure awarded by the friends of the Technical University of Berlin for the research paper „Determinants of service quality in bureaucracy: Parkinson’s theory at work“.
  • 2000 Price for European Research in Berlin of the oldest business club of Berlin (VBKI) in cooperation with the three universities of Berlin

Expert for

  • Fiscal Federalism, Public Debt, Fiscal Equalization, Public Budgets, Political Economy

Key Aspects in Teaching

  • Public Expenditures
  • Tax Policy
  • Microeconomics
  • National and international Financial Relations

Research Projects and Fields

  • Political Economy
  • Debt and Insolvency of Public Entities
  • Fiscal Federalism and Equalization
  • Organization of Bureaucracies
  • Private Provision of Public Goods

Selected, current Publications

  • Jochimsen, Beate, und Christian Raffer (2014), Wie schafft es die Zahl in die Politik? Indikatorensätze im Spannungsfeld zwischen politisch Gewünschtem und statistisch Machbarem, Schmollers Jahrbuch/Journal of Applied Social Science Studies, Jg. 134 (1), 107-128.
  • Jochimsen, Beate, and Sebastian Thomasius (2014), The perfect finance minister: Whom to appoint as finance minister to balance the budget?, European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 34, p. 390-408.
  • Jochimsen, Beate (2012), “Review of ”˜The EEAG Report on the European Economy’”, Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik/ Journal of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 232, Heft 5, 589-590.
  • Jochimsen, Beate, and Robert Nuscheler (2010), The Political Economy of the German Länder Deficits: Weak governments meet strong finance ministers, Applied Economics, forthcoming.
  • Jochimsen, Beate (2009), Service Quality in Modern Bureaucracy: Parkinson’s Theory at Work, Kyklos, Vol. 62, Heft 1, 44–64.
  • Jochimsen, Beate (2008), Fiscal Relations between the Different Layers of Government – Problems and Chances for Fundamental Reforms, German Politics, (peer reviewed journal of Political Science), Vol. 17, Heft 4, 541–558.
  • Konrad, Kai A., and Beate Jochimsen (Hg.) (2008), Föderalismuskommission II: Neuordnung von Autonomie und Verantwortung, Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt et al.
  • Jochimsen, Beate (2007), Jenseits von Ausgabenkürzungen – Alternative Optionen zur Haushaltssanierung von Bundesländern: der Fall Berlin, Schmollers Jahrbuch/Journal of Applied Social Science Studies, 127. Jg., Heft 2, 259–296.
  • Adam, Hans, Cornelia Behrens, Dirk Göpffarth, and Beate Jochimsen (Hg.) (2007), Öffentliche Finanzen und Gesundheitsökonomie – Festschrift zum 65. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dirk Henke, Nomos-Verlag, Baden-Baden.
  • Konrad, Kai A., and Beate Jochimsen (Hg.) (2007), Der Föderalstaat nach dem Berlin-Urteil, Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt et al.
  • Konrad, Kai A., and Beate Jochimsen (Hg.) (2006), Finanzkrise im Bundesstaat, Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt et al., (2. Aufl. 2007).
  • Jochimsen, Beate (2004), Ökonomische Analysen von Länderhaushalten – am Beispiel der Verfassungswidrigkeit des Berliner Haushalts, Die Öffentliche Verwaltung (DÖV), 57. Jg., Heft 12 (Juni ), 511–517 (refereed law journal)
  • Milbrandt, Beate (2001), Die Finanzierung der Europäischen Union. Perspektiven für eine Osterweiterung, Europäische Schriften zu Staat und Wirtschaft, Bd. 4, Nomos-Verlag, Baden-Baden.