Prof. Dr. Beate Klutmann

Professor for Human Resources and Organisational Psychology

T: +49 (0)30 30877-1128
E: beate.klutmann(at)

Visitor's address
Schöneberg Campus
Building B
Room 428
Badensche Straße 50-51
10825 Berlin

Postal address
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
Schöneberg Campus
Badensche Straße 52
10825 Berlin


Academic and Professional Career

  • 1973-1979: Studied Psychology at the FU Berlin
  • 1980-1987: Research assistant at the Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics; obtained doctorate at the Faculty of Information Technology at the TU Berlin
  • 1988-1995: Further education consultant at Schering AG
  • since 1993: Freelance trainer and consultant (management, HR and organisational development, moderation skills, communication)
  • since 1996: Professor of Organisational Psychology and Human Resources at the FHW Berlin / Berlin School of Economics and Law

External relations

  • Schering AG
  • Dr. Mann Pharma
  • Wieland AG
  • Wagner & Herbst
  • Osterberg-Institute, Niederkleveez

Expert for

  • Management, especially early management experience
  • HR development and personality development
  • Self-management
  • Moderation skills
  • Coaching
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Motivation

Key Aspects in Teaching

  • Organisational behaviour
  • Occupational and organisational psychology
  • Management
  • Self-management

Research Projects and Fields

  • Management and personality development
  • In the past 17 years I have been able to gain a wide range of experience on the subject of management. In this time I have also frequently worked on developing my own skills. This skills development was often achieved by means of learning via self-awareness. Accordingly, I am interested in the subjects of management and personality development within my research activity.
  • For one thing, the situation of newly appointed managers interested me. What do people who are gaining their first management experience need? I had in mind a target audience, which would not only like to know: “What do I do if …?”, but which would also like to learn something about the underlying theories and concepts. This was the reason for the book “Management – Theory and Practice”.
  • A more practical activity was to invent new exercises, role plays and case studies for training courses and seminars. As a follow-up to the above-mentioned book about management, a training manual evolved with over 40 new exercises for management trainers. It will probably be published very soon under the title “The Secret of Good Management”.
  • At the moment I am devoting my time to the topic of personality development, consistent with Drucker’s saying: “One only has one person to manage – oneself.” Or, as Schulz von Thun put it, “If you want to be a good manager, have a good look at yourself first.” In the coming research semester I will be concentrating on emotional-cognitive development in adults and, in so doing, will be paying particular regard to the situation of managers.

Selected, current Publications

  • Radtke, P., Klutmann, B. : Managemententwicklung in einem Pharmaunternehmen - der Versuch, ganzheitlich und praxisorientiert zu qualifizieren, in: Organisationsentwicklung Heft 4, Verlag Organisationsentwicklung und Management AG, Zürich, 1997
  • Klutmann, B.: Moderation: Erkenntnisse der Organisationspsychologie und Erfahrungen von Praktikern, in: Personal, Heft 2, Wirtschaftsverlag Bachem, Köln, 2000
  • Klutmann, B., Jahn, D. : Wer kennt seine Kunden? In: Logistik heute, Heft 4, Huss Verlag, München, 2001
  • Klutmann, B.: Führen ohne Disziplinarfunktion, in: Zeitschrift Führung und Organisation, Heft 2, Schäffer Poeschel, Stuttgart, 2003
  • Klutmann, B.: Führung - Theorie und Praxis, Windmühle Verlag, Hamburg, 2004
  • Klutmann, B.: Führung - Übungen für das Training mit Führungskräften, Windmühle, 2006
  • Coaching
  • Moderation

Selected dissertation topics

  • Irene Meyn: Aspects of implementing knowledge management using the example of an IT service company, WS 00/01
  • Natalie Bax: Managing team diversity - structure, dynamics, leadership, SS02
  • Cornelia Harling: Succession planning and junior staff development from a strategic perspective in large corporations, WS 02/03
  • Claudia Lorenz: Management success through emotional intelligence? SS03