Das Portrait der Hochschule für Wirtschaft Berlin in Kurzform

The Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL)

Providing the expertise for the new generation of private and public sector managers:
One of Berlin’s largest universities of applied sciences • Academic centre specialised in business and administration skills for the public and private sector, as well as public security, the law and engineering. • More than 50 programmes leading to a Bachelor, Master or MBA degree


The Berlin School of Economics and Law annually invites international students to the Berlin International Summer School. Our summer academies provide a opportunity for those students who are unable to come for a whole semester. The programme explore topics in the fields of business, business law, computational engineering, and German language and culture.

The year of the rooster is upon us. A time for daring visions, divining trends and realizing goals. The Berlin Professional School traditionally celebrates the Chinese New Year; this year’s festivities drew a number of students to the Schöneberg campus.

The BSEL is currently hosting 28 students from its partner university ESC Rennes Business School. The group is participating in a two-week project at the Schöneberg Campus, dealing with a Strategic Management case study organized by the Cooperative Studies Programme in Business Administration.