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The winter goes international

10 January 2018

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53 students from around the world – Australia, China, France, India, Morocco, Mexico, Taiwan and the USA – are taking part in the HWR Winter School, which will be held over the next two weeks. Held at the Schöneberg Campus, they are participating in compact courses pertaining to Strategic Management, Competition, Market Entry and Strategic Alliances.


The Winter School is divided into two courses. The first focusses on “International Business Strategy: The Role of Europe in a Changing World”, taught by Diana Weinberg and Mario Glowik. This is the first dedicated Winter Course taught at the HWR. It is supported by guest lecturer Seth Kaplowith from San Diego State University. Mr Kaplowith previously visited Berlin in 2017 within the scope of an Erasmus International Dimension program. He enjoyed it so much, he wanted to come again.


The second Winter Course also addresses a topic of Strategic Management and is offered as a joint course between the Rennes School of Business and the HWR Berlin. Cristoph Dorrenbacher from Germany and Andre Nemeh from France share the teaching load. This is the fifth Berlin-Rennes Winter School held at the HWR.


As part of the lessons, participants will visit two companies (Berlin Partner and Retresco) as well as the Bundestag and will participate in our User-Experience Testing at the HWR Business Incubation Center. They will also enjoy a varied cultural program introducing them to some of Berlin’s many highlights. 


Katja Zühlsdorf, International Office