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Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) – Administration

The Berlin School of Economics and Law organisational structure was defined during the merger of the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) and the University of Applied Sciences for Administration and Law (FHVR Berlin), and through the earlier integration of the Berufsakademie Berlin in 2003.


Today the BSEL comprises five Departments, two Central Institutes and the University's central administration. The Faculties enjoy a relatively large degree of autonomy over financial and HR matters. For example, all of the Departments have their own executive management and Study Offices, with an extensive remit on programmes and exams. The individual Departments are also responsible for the requisite support services for their academic staff. For this reason, the University does not have a centralised programme and exam administration. More about the Departments and Central Institutes


The central administration has four departments reporting to the Registrar. There are in addition five divisions which report directly to the University Directorate.More about the central administration


Information on the administrative structures in the Departments and Institutes are available on their webpages: