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The Berlin School of Economics and Law regards teaching and study programme quality as a core parameter. For this reason, the University is engaged in an ongoing process of developing and applying methods and processes to ensure optimum quality assurance. Over the last years, the University's similar commitment to gender equality and environmental issues has resulted in several awards in these areas.


Evaluation is a key tool in systematically monitoring the quality of Faculty teaching and organisation, individual programmes, lectures and seminars. The evaluation results provide a basis for decisions on changes or measures taken at the various levels within the University, in the Faculties, and in the lectures. They are discussed directly with all those affected and published within the University.


When Bachelor or Master programmes are set up, they are always involved in an Accreditation process conducted by a body recognised by the Accreditation Council. The Accreditation Council's inspection stamp is only given for a limited period. A process of regular re-accreditation ensures that the programme continues to meet the quality standards required. Independent organisations regularly produce a variety of rankings evaluating programmes at a range of Universities.


The Berlin School of Economics and Law is always ready to take part in such evaluations if they employ an accepted design and fulfil standard research requirements. Find out about the position of the Berlin School of Economics and Law in various rankings.