Social responsibility

The contribution of the HWR Berlin to helping refugees

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The Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR) Berlin has launched a range of initiatives to help refugees. The program “JUST – Join Us and Study” enables refugees to enrol at the university as guest students. The University also provides support and assistance to refugees in applying for a place on a degree programme – and also helps students to get involved.





Join Us and Study – JUST

Launched in the summer semester 2016, the DAAD-funded JUST programme prepares refugees to take up a place to study at the HWR Berlin and other institutions of higher education in Germany. Enrolled as guest students, their fees are paid for by the Berlin authorities. The programme consists of a combination of electives and obligatory courses.


HWR Berlin is helping the helpers

Often people want to help, but do not know where to start. HWR Berlin students and staff wanting to get involved can now use the HWR Berlin Moodle platform to network, plan and organize. True to our principle “Assuming responsibility”, the HWR seeks to provide support for those who want to help other people.


HWR Berlin students volunteer to help refugees

Helping others is not just a matter of social responsibility, but also helps develop a range of skills – time-management, project work, and inter-personal skills – which are vital to professional success. Volunteers are motivated to help others, but often also benefit themselves. The HWR Berlin has recognized this dynamic and has decided to focus on the experiences gained by HWR students in working with refugees as part of the course in the General Studies programme "Service Learning in working with refugees". The course is available from the Summer Semester 2016.


HWR Berlin students can volunteer to work with refugees as part of student projects.