M. A. in Public Administration - Police Management

Serving Police officers can study for the accredited Master’s degree programme Public Administration - Police Administration at the DHPol in Münster. This qualifies them for Higher Police Service.


The first academic year of this Master’s degree course is spent with the State / Federal authorities. A special co-operation agreement between the states of Berlin and Brandenburg means that this is spent at the HWR Berlin. The combined nature of this programme means that it is taught by a hand-picked teaching staff from both states.

Key Facts

Degree qualification Master of Arts (M.A.) Holders of the Master’s degree Public Administration - Police Management are qualified for the Higher Police Service.
Structure Full-time study
Admissions procedure In accordance with § 29 of the Gesetzes über die Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei (DHPolG) the admissions procedure for this degree programme is conducted by the Federal and State authorities in consultation with the Deutschen Hochschule der Polizei.
Start Winter semester
Duration The course lasts for two years. Divided into two academic years, the first year is spent with the Federal and State authorities. The second academic year is spent at the DHPol in Münster.

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Programme Details

Teaching plan of the first academic year at the HWR Berlin:

  • Module 1: The Police in the administration, political system and society
  • Module 2: Particular aspects of Constitutional Law and the Law of Intervention, including the influence of European Law and legal methodology
  • Module 3: The principles of operation management
  • Module 4: Management skills, Public Service Law
  • Module 5: The structure of organizations
  • Module 6: Criminology
  • Module 7: Traffic safety (Federal and State police)
  • Module 8: Police intelligence-gathering
  • Module 9: Phenomenon-based Police operations-management I
  • Module 10: Police co-operation on the European level; national and international Police co-operation

The second academic year is spent at  DHPol in Münster. Graduates are then posted to a management function within the Police force.

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Admission Requirements and Selection Procedures

Students will learn the following skills.

  • Managing large Police departments and units
  • Operations management
  • Tasks in Federal and State central authorities and senior management positions.
  • The training of Police officers.

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Prof. Wolfgang Trenschel
Tel. +49 (0)30 30877-2867
Anke Reinke
Tel. +49 (0)30 30877-2831
Building 14, Room 14.208