HWR Berlin: Contacts from A to Z

Whether professor, guest lecturer, lecturer or staff member − are you looking for the contact details of a specific person at HWR Berlin? In this alphabetical overview you will quickly find what you are looking for.



Surname, Title Name
Professorship of political science
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-2836
E Anna.Daun@hwr-berlin.de
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2011
E dekanat.fb2@hwr-berlin.de
Head of the Language Centre
Schöneberg Campus
T + 49 30 30877-1584
E Marc.Deckers@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Civil Engineering
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2451
E annette.detzel@hwr-berlin.de
Degree programme coordinator of "M.A. Öffentliche Verwaltung - Polizeimanagement"
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2831
E anke.dey-reinke@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Marketing, particularly product management
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30-30877-1472
E beatrix.dietz@hwr-berlin.de
Degree programme evaluation
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30-30877-1537
E nils.doering@hwr-berlin.de
Student Office
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1396
Professor of Organizational Design and Behavior in International Business
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1491
E doerrenbaecher@hwr-berlin.de
Coordination Cross Cultural Mentoring
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1266
E isolde.drosch@hwr-berlin.de
ERASMUS+ coordination
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1261
E anke.droese@hwr-berlin.de
Lecture evaluation (LVE)
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1271
E andrea.dubrow@hwr-berlin.de
Outgoing Office, Overseas destinations
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1362
E goabroad@hwr-berlin.de
Consultant to executive Manager Manager
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2915
E caroline.duttine@hwr-berlin.de