HWR Berlin: Contacts from A to Z

Whether professor, guest lecturer, lecturer or staff member − are you looking for the contact details of a specific person at HWR Berlin? In this alphabetical overview you will quickly find what you are looking for.



Surname, Title Name
Coordinator writing centre
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1579
E dorothee.rabe@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of General Business Administration, specialising in Financial Accounting
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2434
E jens.radde@hwr-berlin.de
Post room
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1224
E eckhard.rankl@hwr-berlin.de
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1264
E zorica.rapp@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of General Business Administration, particularly real estate and buildings management
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2260
E jeannette.raethel@hwr-berlin.de
Post room, issuing of materials, reproduction, courier
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-2517
E fabian.rauchholz@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Business Accounting
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1111
E sreissig@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Business Information Technology
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2425
E olaf.resch@hwr-berlin.de
Incoming and Outgoing
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-2043
E joanna.rieloff@hwr-berlin.de
Welcome Centre
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1363
E joanna.rieloff@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Business English
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2426
E niki.rigas@hwr-berlin.de
Secretary to the Dean Departments 3 and 5
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2616
E gabriele.ringk@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Entrepreneurship
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1230
E sven.ripsas@hwr-berlin.de
Professorship of Public Law (Police and Regulatory Law)
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-2843
E Jan.Roggenkamp@hwr-berlin.de
Reproduction, messenger service, office material issue
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1223
E bernd.roennebeck@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Business Law
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2429
E gabriele.rosentreter@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Operations- und Supply Chain
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1480
E marc.rothlaender@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of General Business Administration, particularly company management and controlling
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2410
E jan.roxin@hwr-berlin.de
University didactics
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1375
E katrin.rubel@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Strategic Management
Schöneberg Campus
Professor of Marketing
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1176
E hruegge@hwr-berlin.de
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1206
E ines.ruhstrat@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Marketing
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1504
E andrea.rumler@hwr-berlin.de