HWR Berlin: Contacts from A to Z

Whether professor, guest lecturer, lecturer or staff member − are you looking for the contact details of a specific person at HWR Berlin? In this alphabetical overview you will quickly find what you are looking for.



Surname, Title Name
Advice and support for Business Law Bachelor’s students
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30-30877-1252
E christiane.walczak@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Finance
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1366
E dekaninfb1@hwr-berlin.de
Lehrveranstaltungsevaluation (LVE)
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2522
E delia.wartmann@hwr-berlin.de
External funding management
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1414
E claudia.weber@hwr-berlin.de
Scientific assistant
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2626
E mirco.weber@hwr-berlin.de
Course Planning and Lecturer Advisory Service
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1573
E Kathrin.Wehr@hwr-berlin.de
Guest Professor of Crisis and Risk Management
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2960
E ism@hwr-berlin.de
Examination and internship office
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2806
E jessica.weiss@hwr-berlin.de
Internship Office ÖV, ÖV (dual), RöV LL.B., VI, VI (dual), RöV LL.M.
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2613
E martina.wendler@hwr-berlin.de
Research advisor
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1007
E jens.westerfeld@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of HR and Management
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2050
E birgit.weyer@hwr-berlin.de
Bachelor’s degree programmes Department 1
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1246
E Claudia.Wiesner@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Business Information Systems
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1194
E wiesner@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Business Administration, Production and Material Management, Logistics
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2404
E hendrik.wildebrand@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Business Administration, Banking and Corporate Finance
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2435
E stefan.wilhelm@hwr-berlin.de
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1412
E marc.wingenfeld@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Mathematics for Engineering Sciences and Information Technology
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2448
E nicola.winter@hwr-berlin.de
Berlin Part-Time MBA
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1407
E bps-mbapart@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Social Sciences specialising on socio-ecological transformation
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1145
E markus.wissen@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of General Business Administration, in particular Public Management
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1278
E frank.witte@hwr-berlin.de
Project to promote a diverse student body
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1402
E elisabeth.drescher@hwr-berlin.de
External funding management
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1190
E sabine.wolf@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Corporate Finance
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1130
E thomas.wolke@hwr-berlin.de
Bachelor’s degree programmes Departments 3-5
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2541
E andrea.wollenberg@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Business Administration, esp. Supply Chain Management
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2454
E sven.woogt@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Construction Operations
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2423
E peter.wotschke@hwr-berlin.de
E schreibzentrum@hwr-berlin.de
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1332
E Andrea.Wuttke@hwr-berlin.de