Cultural Diversity

Equal opportunities for all students in the education system, regardless of their ethnic origin; working together and promoting intercultural recognition is the objective declared by the HWR Berlin in its diversity approach.

Equal opportunities and equal participation in socially relevant areas are laid down in law in the Berlin State Participation and Integration Act. What this means specifically for the HWR Berlin is to promote a positive attitude with regard to cultural diversity. Heterogeneity should not only be taught from a theoretical perspective; it should also be experienced in practice, at all levels and by all stakeholders, i.e. students, teaching staff and Administration.

„Internationalization at home“

This strategic priority is meaningful in research and teaching due to the fact that diversity is considered to be a cross-sectional task. This is always done in accordance with the Mission Statement of the HWR Berlin.

If cultural diversity as a concept is considered from the outset, the University’s internationalization efforts can then be linked to a specific form of implementation in everyday University life – this concept is known as “internationalization at home”. This involves establishing a dialogue between society and science in a regional and international context.

In order to turn this objective into reality, this requires establishment of forms of learning where the characteristics of the University culture are taken into account.