Cross Cultural Mentoring (CCM)

The programme promotes exchanges between experienced specialists and students. Alongside the intercultural approach, the inter-generational aspect is another key component.

We consider the history of the HWR Berlin, combined with the different ways it has aligned itself, to be an expression of plurality. It is on this basis that the university attaches great importance to teaching intercultural skills. Another component comes into play if the educational contents and preparation for the demands of the business community are coordinated after you have finished your studies.
Cross Cultural Mentoring (CCM) wishes to support and enhance this key aspect as a service. What this means specifically is that professionals, i.e. working people with qualified training, and students are brought together in order to exchange academic and non-academic information with each other, with one acting as the mentor and the other as the mentee. Cross Cultural Mentoring is a service available to all students who are completing a course at the HWR Berlin.

Seizing plurality as an opportunity

The question of intercultural skill differs depending on the corporate culture in place. The basic idea behind the programme is that participants will get to know about dialogue and feedback cultures from other perspectives and try out social skills in mutual exchanges. Cross Cultural Mentoring seizes plurality as an opportunity – and also reverts to the potential and resources offered by the mentors and mentees.
The mentoring pairs (tandems) are cross-formed. Matching is undertaken on a one-to-one basis: mentors and mentees meet each other on an equal level. Student characteristics with regard to their ethnic and social origin are the deciding factor for the matching. Attention is paid to ensure diversity and the removal of any barriers. Students with a migrant background will be put together, for example, with mentors not coming from a migrant background and vice versa. Detailed information on this can be found in the Berlin Participation and Integration Act (Section 2).
With regard to academic matching, students will be paired with mentors from the same field of study. As an example, students from the Department of Legal Studies will be paired with mentors with a legal background. As a result, students will gain the opportunity to benefit from the mentor's implicit knowledge and gain experience which will stand them in good stead in their subsequent professional surroundings.
Non-academic matching stipulates that students are paired with mentors from a different corporate culture. In doing so, it is not just the non-academic questions that are relevant, but also the behaviours and habits in professional practice, for example.

CCM at a glance
A mentoring year encompasses a twelve-month period. The programme is aimed at all interested students who are completing their course at the HWR Berlin. There is no charge involved in participating.

Prospective students can apply with their CV and personal statement (personal background, interests and experiences, wishes and expectations etc.).

A tandem is established through the matching process. After applying, individual meetings are held in which you can discuss your personal preferences, subject-based or non-subject-based matching as well as interests and desired targets.

Tandem meeting
Regular meetings between mentees and mentors are recommended, such as every four weeks.

The certificate is issued to mentees during the final annual event.

Framework programme
An accompanying programme is also offered in addition to mentoring:

  • Introductory seminars for mentees (alignment, team building and target identification)
  • Kick-off and final event (start of festive period and completion of mentoring year intake)
  • “Stammtisch” meeting tables for mentees and mentors (networking and informal exchange of information)


Isolde Drosch

Office hours:
Schöneberg Campus
Building A, Room 3.35
Thursday 16:00 - 17:45 and by appointment

During the non‐teaching period:
As agreed
Lichtenberg Campus
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Tuesday and Wednesday: Appointments as agreed