Social engagement

The HWR Berlin is supportive of the social engagement of its university members in keeping with the mission statement of »We take on responsibility«. One particular focal point is the provision of aid for refugees.

At present, the focus of social engagement efforts at the University is on providing support to refugees in a number of different ways. The “JUST Join Us and Study” programme funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which has been in place since 2016, gives refugees the opportunity to prepare for studying at the HWR Berlin or another German university. They are registered as visiting students, with the fees covered by the State of Berlin. The course programme is made up of a combination of mandatory and elective courses. In addition, they are also given support in applying for a regular University place.

Anyone who is actively volunteering will benefit

Student engagement in working with refugees is also supported by the University. By doing so, they gain valuable personal experience and acquire skills that could also be of importance in their professional career – including in particular self-management skills, project management skills and communication skills.