Dual Bachelor’s Degree Programmes at HWR Berlin – Apply Now!

Are you interested in a dual Bachelor's degree programme at HWR Berlin? Then apply directly to one of our approximately 700 dual partners.

If you are interested in a dual Bachelor's degree programme, you should not apply to the university but directly to the dual partners, i.e. to the partner companies and institutions of the corresponding degree programme.

Tip: apply in good time

We recommend that prospective students apply to cooperating companies in good time (i.e. about one year before the desired start of studies). That’s because dual degree programmes are attractive and popular, and the number of applicants is correspondingly high. Please also take note that many partner companies often start selecting dual students a year in advance.

For each subject area, you can find an up-to-date overview of all companies involved here:

Applying to Companies


Selection is processed by dual partners

Partner companies select applicants they find suitable for study at the Department of Cooperative Studies and draw up study contracts with them. Once the contract has been signed and the admission requirements have been successfully met, applicants are enrolled. It is not necessary to submit an additional application to the university.

Suggesting a desired company

If you are interested in a dual study degree programme, you can also suggest a new company that is prepared to sign a study and training contract with you. In this case, the company contacts the Division Director of the relevant study programme directly. Through discussion it is clarified whether the company is suitable candidate for a cooperation agreement. If this is successful, it is then determined whether there are free places for the interested company