Partnership with Proven Expertise

700 companies are dual partners of HWR Berlin: 25 years of expertise combined with outstandingly high quality standards speaks to partners and students alike.

Together with around 700 practical partners from business, administration, associations and institutions, the Department of Cooperative Studies has designed 16 praxis-integrated dual Bachelor’s degree programmes in the fields of business and technology as well as two dual Master's degree programmes. With 25 years of experience in dual study and over 2000 dual students, the Department of Cooperative Studies at HWR Berlin is the largest provider of dual study places in the capital and throughout northern and eastern Germany.  

The dual degree programmes at HWR Berlin offer interested companies attractive opportunities to participate significantly in the praxis-oriented education of highly qualified employees. Dual partners take responsibility for the learning environment, select dual students and are involved in the further development of the degree programmes.

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