Become a Partner

HWR Berlin works together with 700 companies and has 25 years of expertise in the field of Dual Studies – we are the best choice!

Are you interested in cooperating with the Department of Cooperative Studies? Get in touch with us! You can informally express your interest in a study partnership with the relevant head of department. All contact details are listed under each degree programme.

After a suitability test, your company will be accepted as a dual partner for a given capacity. An important criterion of suitability is the ability to design, in terms of content and personnel, practical periods that correspond to the study plan.

Dual model

Together with around 700 practical partners, the Department of Cooperative Studies has designed 16 praxis-integrated dual Bachelor’s degree programmes in the fields of business and technology as well as two dual Master's degree programmes.
In HWR Berlin’s praxis-oriented dual study model, the standard period of study for Bachelor’s degree programmes is three years. Each semester comprises a twelve-week study period and a practical period of approximately the same duration. The learning contents of the two learning environments are coordinated semester by semester to ensure that added value is created.

Prospective students apply directly to dual partners using the company database (mit Datenbank verlinken!). Companies select prospective dual students from the applicants and draw up study contracts with them. HWR Berlin is a state university; there are no tuition fees for partners or students. For the standard period of study of three years, dual students receive remuneration that corresponds to rates in the given industry.

Advantages for dual partners of HWR Berlin

  • Partnership with Proven Expertise: The Department of Cooperative Studies has more than 25 years of expertise in the field of Dual Studies. Our many years of experience combines with outstandingly high quality standards to convince both students and partners.
  • Qualified applicants: As a dual partner, you are in full control when choosing students - and can so secure the most promising young talent for your company.
  • Active study design: Dual partners are involved in the organisation of studies on two levels: They significantly shape their students’ practical periods, and can participate in the strategic development of the Department.
  •  "Tailor-made" talent: Graduates have a chance to become very familiar with their future fields of work in the practical periods, and can start their professional lives without much additional training.