Organisation of Studies

You have successfully applied for a degree programme at the Department of Police and Security Management. Here you can find all the important information about your studies.

Good planning pays off in the end: Prepare for your studies at HWR Berlin in good time, regularly check for information throughout your studies, and contact us with any questions you may have. To help you find your way around and organise yourself more quickly, we have compiled all the important notices, information and documents for you.

Semester dates

General teaching periods at the HWR

Examination periods for the Department:

Timetables for winter semester 2019/20

Teaching period
Examination period
Examination retakes
Non‐teaching period
04. und 05.10.2019,
23.12.2019 bis 04.01.2020

Registration period (document period)

ÖV, Law Ius, VI, RöV
23.09.2019, 06.00–15.10.2019, 24.00
PuMa, MaNGo
16.09.2019, 06.00–15.10.2019, 24.00
ÖV, Law Ius, RöV, VI, PuMa, MaNGo (first semester)
01.10.2019, 10.00 –15.10.2019, 24.00

De-registration period (withdrawal period)

ÖV, PuMa, Law Ius, VI, RöV, MaNGo
16.10.2019, 00.00–17.11.2019, 24.00

Timetables for summer semester 2020

Teaching period
Examination period
Examination retakes
Non‐teaching period
11.04.2020, 22. and 23.05.2020

Course catalogues

We have merged all of the course catalogues for the current semester for your convenience - subject to timetabling and room changes. In order to find out the latest information with regard to timetabling and rooms during the course of the semester, please visit Finca (the HWR Berlin virtual campus).

Bachelor’s and Master's degrees

To help you plan and organise your Bachelor’s or Master's degree, we have compiled all of the relevant documents and information for you here.