Institute for Cooperation with Central and Eastern European Countries in Public Reform (IMO)

The Institute for Cooperation with Central and Eastern European Countries in Public Reform (IMO) was founded as one of the university's Central Institutes in 2008. It is an interdisciplinary center of competences for development, education and consulting projects in the fields of

  • Modernising public administrations and
  • Police reform

in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Asia and Africa.

The institute’s tasks include country-specific research within the areas of law, management and security, as well as development, organisation and implementation of international degree programmes and advanced trainig courses within the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU. Another important goal is the education and support for scientific networks and mobility-promoting collaborations.

The key subjects of the IMO are:

  • Political Reform: Rule of Law, Democracy and Civil Society
  • Administrative Reform and Management Training and Education
  • Judicial Reform and Police Reform
  • Criminal Law and Criminology
  • International Police Cooperation – Fighting Against Corruption
  • Globalised Security Services

As a Central Institute, the IMO aims at shaping and developing the internationalisation process of the HWR Berlin and at expanding the institution as a center of excellence for projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.
The executive bodies of the IMO are the Institute Council and the Director of the Institute.

The members of the Institute Council include: professors, faculty staff, staff of the Academic Foreign Office and the IMO as well as University students.

The IMO Office is located at Campus Lichtenberg.

The IMO Advisory Board is in charge of advising the Institute on all matters. The Advisory Board provides support to the IMO in fostering relations with third party sponsors who are active in the arenas of politics, economy, administration and police, and gives recommendations with regard to national and international contacts and projects.

German-Ukrainian-Kazakh Summer School in Berlin

The 10th Summer School on Law and Public Administration will be held from 17 to 24 June 2019 at Lichtenberg Campus of the HWR Berlin. The aim of the Summer School is to promote dialogue and understanding and to discuss a wide range of topics, including the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, fragile statehood, administrative jurisdiction, decentralisation, the rule of law and fighting corruption. 

DAAD programme "Dialogue between East and West" - Eastern Partnerships Programme 2018-2020

The Eastern Partnerships Programme aims at strengthening the HWR Berlin's partnerships with other universities, initiating new partnerships, and encouraging the cooperations in the fields of research and teaching.  

German-Serbian cooperation between the HWR Berlin's Department of Cooperative Studies and  und der University of Belgrade

The Department of Cooperative Studies at the HWR Berlin, in cooperation with the IMO, supports the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade in developing a cooperative degree programme Business Information Systems. A joint Summer School in Montenegro is being planned.