Dining halls and cafeterias

Where to find the dining halls or cafeterias at the Lichtenberg Campus or Schöneberg Campus of the HWR Berlin? Whether you are looking for the address, the menus or the opening hours − find all the important information here.

Quick coffee break? Or a comforting hot meal with your fellow students or colleagues? We have plenty of choices for you to refuel and relax during your lunch break or between lectures.

Berlin Studierendenwerk and Wisag Facility Service Holding take care of the physical well-being at the Schöneberg and Lichtenberg campuses. Cafeterias at both campuses complete the culinary offer.

Dining hall on Schöneberg Campus

Only cashless payment is accepted in the dining hall Schöneberg Campus – you will need a "Mensa-Card", which you can purchase for € 1,55 at the till and top up with money using the available machines. The deposit amount will be reimbursed to you when you return the card.

You can also register at the time for money to be collected via direct debit – the card can also be topped up again if you like. The "Mensa-Card" can be purchased in all of the Berlin Studierendenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs) refectories and is also valid in all of the refectories.

Badensche Str. 50-51
Building B, top floor
10825 Berlin
T: +49 30 93939-7472

Dining hall and cafeterias remain closed

The dining hall and cafeterias at the Schöneberg Campus of the HWR Berlin will both continue to be closed. Due to the current infection situation, the Berlin Studiendenwerk refectories are not switching to pick-up service as planned.

Food truck offering two dishes

The food truck of the Berlin Studierendenwerk stops at various students' halls of residence from Monday to Friday. It offers two dishes, one of them vegan, cakes, drinks, snacks and coffee specialities − just like in the dining hall.

You can pay with your Mensa Card and you can top up your card directly at the food truck. If you pay by debit card, credit card or Google Pay, the guest price will apply.

Find the tour plan here:

Studierendenwerk is planning to launch a second food truck on 1 February 2021 and will soon visit further locations.

Dining hall on Lichtenberg Campus

Only cash is accepted in the dining hall on Lichtenberg Campus.

Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
Building 1, ground floor
10315 Berlin

Cafeteria closed

Due to the Corona pandemic, the coffee bar at the Lichtenberg Campus of the HWR Berlin will remain closed until further notice.

Dining hall open on weekdays

The Wisag canteen at the Lichtenberg Campus of the HWR Berlin is open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am. The reduced opening hours end at 13.00.

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