HWR Berlin Language Centre

Since September 2017, the HWR Berlin Language Centre has been home to all of the university’s language courses. The goal is to steadily expand the number of courses and ensure quality remains high.

Selected language courses at HWR Berlin

We are pleased to present the new Moodle-based language swap programme for members of HWR Berlin. The idea is to bring two people together who want to help the other learn their language better. Those interested should register themselves in the Moodle course and enter their language proficiency for the respective target language in the forum. In addition to arranging swaps, students in Moodle will find a selection of online journals and self-learning tools.

In cooperation with the HWR Berlin’s International Office, the ZEMS of TU Berlin and Beuth Hochschule , the Language Centre organises an intensive "German as a Foreign Language" course at HWR Berlin every semester for visiting students

The Language Centre offers a test for HWR Berlin students applying to the International Office for a period of study abroad and who must prove their English language skills. This offer is aimed at applicants who are unable to prove their current language proficiency through an Abitur grade or an official language certificate (TOEFL, IELTS etc.).

As a member of the Baltic Sea Region University Network (BSRUN) on June 14, 2018, HWR Berlin hosted an international seminar on "Foreign Language Education and Language Centre Management". The seminar was attended by leaders and researchers from language centres as well as language education researchers.


Marc Deckers
Project manager language centre

Aaron Schmidt
Staff member language centre