Lichtenberg Campus library

The library collection on the Lichtenberg Campus includes more than 115,000 conventional, electronic and audio-visual media units.

Focal points and subject areas

  • Municipal and Administrative Sciences
  • Law, Administration of Justice and Judicial Service
  • Police and Criminal Sciences / Security Management
  • Economics and Business Administration / Special Business Administration
  • Politics and Social Sciences, History
  • Technology

You will also find around 330 current periodicals in addition to the monographs. Most of the collection can be borrowed, there are only a few media forming part of the non-lending collection.
In addition to textbooks and periodicals, the University Library also offers electronic resources and other collection groups:

  • Online databases
  • Legal CD-ROM databases, among others
  • E-books
  • Bookware
  • Educational films
  • Audio-visual technical teaching apparatus
  • Diploma/Master's theses and project reports for the Department of Public Administration and the Department of Police and Security Management
  • Closing materials (Police Service)
  • Government documents
  • University archive collection (from the former FHVR Berlin)


Lichtenberg Library

Campus Lichtenberg
Building 6B, Room 171
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin

Opening hours during the teaching period:

Monday 9.00–20.00
Tuesday to Thursday 9.00–19.00
Friday 10.00-17.00
Saturday 12.00-14.00

Opening hours in July, August and September:

Mon–Thu, 9.00–19.00
Fri, 10.00–17.00
Sat, 12.00–14.00

Mon–Tue, 10.00–19.00  
Wed–Fri, 10.00–16.00
Sat, 12.00–14.00 (10. and 24.08.)

Mo-Mi, 10.00–19.00
Thu-Fri, 10.00–16.00
Sat, 12.00–14.00 (14. and 28.09)
Closing days:

Sundays and public holidays
04.10.-05.10.19 (Friday and Saturday after the Day of German Unity)
23.12.19-04.01.20 (turn of the year)