Literature Research



The research portal HoWeR is the central research tool for the library collection of the University library. With a few exceptions, you will find here all available printed and electronic resources at the HWR. By integrating various databases, journal articles, videos, patents and trade publications are also found.

In Simple Search, you can use the search box to search for specific titles, author names, or keywords and keywords. After the search, the result list can be further limited and specified via the facets on the left margin.

Using the advanced search, it is possible to specify certain fields (eg title or author) for the search. In addition, several search terms can be linked via Boolean operators. This makes it possible to formulate complex search queries.
shortcut with AND

  • Documents are displayed that contain both search terms.
  • Example: Supply Chain Management AND textile industry

shortcut with OR

  • Documents containing at least one of the search terms (either one or the other, or both) are displayed.
  • Example: Nachhaltigkeit OR Sustainability

shortcut with NOT

  • Documents are displayed in which the search term following NOT is not found.
  • Example: extremism NOT right-wing extremism

Fixed terms can be searched by using quotation marks using the phrase search. You will only get results in which this expression occurs in the specified word order.

  • Example: "Corporate Social Responsibility"

To include all grammatical forms of a search term, you can use truncation to reduce the term to its parent. In the search, the * is interpreted as none, one or more letters, so you can find all forms of the search term.


Online databases

The HWR Berlin offers a variety of different databases. In addition, there are also numerous freely available offers. See the list of online databases for an overview with access information. Via DBIS (Database Information System) you can see offers from other libraries and database, which were acquired with the support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and its partner institutions.


Newspapers and magazines

Periodicals can be found in the Library in either digital or print format. You can make use of our convenient HoWeR Research Portal, accessible from anywhere at the click of a button; giving you access to all of the periodicals accessible online within the HWR Berlin. The entire printed periodical collection on the Schöneberg Campus is also documented here. German and international daily and weekly newspapers can also be found in the Schöneberg Campus Library. They are kept for a maximum of one week.

A list of the print magazines can be found here in addition to the download as PDF and in printed form in the library.



Printed theses with a release date from 2009 can be submitted via HoWeR with the Input "Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht" AND Hochschulschrift AND keyword from the Title to be searched. Final papers of the FB1 in electronic form can be found on our Publication server OPUS.


Further Research options

A very good way to search for scientific literature on the Internet offers the Search Engine Google Scholar. For freely available documents, a link to the Full text displayed. In order to display also the access possibilities over the licenses of the HWR get in the settings under "Library Links" the "Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin".

Google Scholar is also suitable for citation analysis in addition to CiteSeer.

For research by subject specific literature, the offers of the specialized information services for science highly recommended: