Literature searching

Some advice on how to manage a literature search.

Searching for theses

You can search for Diploma, Bachelor's and Master's theses written at the HWR Berlin up until summer semester 2009 by combining the following entries:

  • title / keyword,
  • author,
  • facet "H" (for university publication) in the "FHW notation" field.

Search for Bachelor's and Master's theses written at the HWR Berlin from the winter semester 2009 onwards by combining the following entries:

  • title / keyword,
  • author etc. in the corresponding field,
  • the combination "Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Maste* OR Bachelo*"

Searching for literature in the library

The library bibliographic data can be found in OPAC. Here you will find:

  • all media availbale in the library
  • all theses written at the HWR Berlin
  • all books for the IMB degree programme
  • all books which have already been ordered or purchased, but have not yet been processed in full and put out on the shelves.

General information

  • Use of lower and upper case is not considered.
  • Hyphens, full stops, commas and several blank spaces are not considered in the search.
  • Articles can be ignored when entering details.
  • Truncations (filler text) are possible by using " * ". 
  • Please make sure that the searched category is checked.

It is possible to search in the catalogue via a quick start or complex expert search. When in quick search, enter the author or title or a keyword and start the search request. The question in the author search is specifically searched for according to the information entered, i.e. if you only have fragments of the search word, you will not obtain a successful result with this search path. It is possible to abbreviate search terms for title and keyword searches.

For the expert search, you can sort both by author, title, keyword, catchword and site number of the book categories as well as for this result, or you can restrict your search in terms of time. You can also shorten the search term in the "Author" category for this search.