Training and advice

Students, employees and teaching staff at the HWR Berlin can participate in research advice provided by the library. We also offer training sessions and introductory courses for teaching staff.

Introductory courses for teaching staff

Please book your preferred training session here:

Research advice for students, employees and teaching staff

Do you need any support for your research? Please send us an email: hsb.cs(at)

Please provide us with as much information as possible in advance:

  • subject and / or keywords
  • context in which the research is required
  • (assignment, Bachelor's thesis, Master’s thesis etc.)
  • where applicable: any search paths you have already taken
  • your contact details

We will then contact you straight away using the contact details you have provided.

Guide for literature search and academic work (LOTSE)

LOTSE was created under the leadership of ULB Münster as a cooperation project involving the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin library. It is a general and subject-specific online information system for academic research purposes. Although the project was completed in 2016, there are still video tutorials and interdisciplinary information regarding academic work available from ULB Münster.