HWR Berlin Idea Management

Your experience, your knowledge and your creativity can help improve work and processes at HWR Berlin. That's why we look forward to submitting your ideas and suggestions for improvement that will help us achieve that goal.

What ideas are suitable for submission?

In principle, ideas can be submitted for any subject area from all work areas of the university, provided they do not already fall within their own area of responsibility or can be implemented independently.

An idea should:

  • Make it easier for HWR Berlin to complete its tasks, improve them or make them more cost-effective
  • Increase job satisfaction and motivation
  • Improve collaboration and ease of use
  • Or promote sustainability.

A submitted idea should always show the problem, offer solutions and also contain information on the expected benefits. Concrete proposals for implementation are desirable.
Suggestions for improvements concerning individual courses are requested separately in the course of the teaching evaluation.

What’s in it for me to submit an idea?

Implemented ideas not only improve the processes and everyday work at the university, but are also rewarded. Recognition awards can be awarded for ideas that are not accepted.

Who can submit an idea?

Every member of the university can submit ideas. Members of the university are professors, academic staff, technical and administrative staff and students. Proposals can also be submitted as group proposals.

Submit ideas online now

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Who decides over my submitted idea?

The submitted ideas are first checked by the office to see if they meet the criteria. Subsequently, they are assessed by a quality panel, which usually meets twice a year. The panel consists of four members:

  • An employee from technology and administration
  • A professor
  • A student
  • An employee at the office without voting rights

Data confidentiality

Submitted ideas are always treated confidentially. Only the office is aware of the identity of the idea creators. Names are only disclosed to university management if an idea becomes shortlisted.