Expert seminar: Fight against Corruption in Germany, Poland and the Ukraine

Project Management:

Prof. Sigmar-Marcus Richter

Project Duration

19 - 22 November 2007


German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Project Partners

Lviv Regional Institute of Public Administration, City Office Koszalin/Poland, Training Centre of Foundation in Support of Local Democracy in Szczecin/ Poland

Project Description

Under the DAAD Eastern Partnership Programme a special seminar titled "Measures and Strategies in Fighting Corruption" was held at Berlin FHVR from 19 - 22 November 2007.

Participants presented their respective national anti-corruption programmes. During the course of the seminar it became apparent that, on the one hand, the notion of corruption receives an ever broader definition, the further eastward one goes. In Ukraine, for instance, illicit work, too, is considered as a form of corruption, whereas in Germany this notion applies to more limited areas such as bribery and venality in public services.

On the other hand, it became evident that Germany still has a lot to learn from other countries, even though the two other countries rank far behind Germany in Transparency International's CPI.

For example, the "Transparent Poland"-Programme with its holistic approach to the matter goes much beyond what German municipalities do at the time in fighting corruption and moving towards a citizen-friendly public administration.

The question whether the respective programmes in these three countries remain mere declarations of intent, or rather, provide measures as appropriate to effectively prevent corruption will be discussed at the follow-up conference in 2010/2011.