Photography and Filming Permits

If you wish to photograph or film on the grounds of HWR Berlin you need a filming permit.

Permits for film and video recordings for journalistic purposes can be requested from the Press Office. So that we can support you in the best possible way and ensure a smooth process, we ask you to sign the following Application for Permission to Photograph, Film and Record Audio in advanceand send it as a scan by e-mail or by post to the HWR Berlin Press Office.

Filming and recording locations

We are happy to help you select suitable filming and recording locations.

Image rights

Please note that recording participating persons (e.g. interviewees) and uninvolved persons (e.g. users of university libraries, students or campus staff) are not included within the permit. Please obtain the consent of the depicted/recorded persons independently.


  • The university is obliged to ensure that courses and libraries run smoothly. Please understand that attendance of events (lectures, seminars, practicals etc.) and learning rooms (libraries etc.) is only possible by prior arrangement. We endeavour to take spontaneous changes into account, but cannot guarantee that we can always do so.
  • Please do not conduct noisy conversations or telephone calls at lectures or in learning and work rooms.
  • Please leave the filming and recording locations as you found them.
  • Canteens, cafeterias and student residences are, for the main part, the responsibility of Studentenwerk Berlin.