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Ready to COIL? Virtual Exchange & COIL Staff Week for Faculty and Administrators @ the HWR Berlin

Join international colleagues (faculty and administrative staff) at the HWR Berlin to discuss the best ways to implement Virtual Exchange and COIL projects at your institution. The event will feature external speakers, workshops, networking and plenty of chances to discover Berlin.



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Photo: Oana Popa-Costea

At the HWR Berlin we believe that international exchange should not be limited to the physical realm. Through a range of digital exchange projects we help students of all backgrounds gain international experience and develop vital cross-cultural competencies.

This Staff Week aims to bring faculty and administrative staff with an interest or experience in this field together to share best practices and discuss concrete ways to implement such projects. Participants can also leverage the network effect, by using this event to meet new potential digital project partners.

The Staff Week features two tracks:

Faculty Track: 16.10.2023 - 18.10.2023 Two (to five) days

  • The new normal? Implementing COIL & Virtual Exchange (VE) into the curriculum
     Workshops with faculty on how to sustainably implement COIL and Virtual Exchange into curricula
  • Prepare to COIL – Meet potential COIL partners
     Networking with COIL experts and faculty members from the HWR Berlin and around the globe
  • Bowie, Brecht & Boateng – Discover Berlin’s many face
    Cultural activities such as a brewery tour and tours of key historical sites

Administrative Staff Track: 16.10.2023 - 18.10.2023 Five days plus short online meet and greet before the start of event.

  • Future-proof your international exchange activities
    Workshops with COIL professionals on topics such as platforms, tools & financing
  • Student exchange begins at home – COIL & VE as mainstays of internationalization
    Exchange of best practices with experienced faculty and staff
    Create a roadmap for the perfect COIL journey
  • Train the Trainer
    Discover a range of digital icebreakers & energizers
  • Bowie, Brecht & Boateng – Discover Berlin’s many faces
    Cultural activities such as a brewery tour and tours of key historical sites

Please note that faculty can also choose to stay for the entire 5-day programme.

Full programme and registration will follow in June. Please save the date and register your interest to receive regular updates via email.

A participation fee of EUR 130 applies which will cover some of the cultural programme and joint meals on selected days.

Questions? Please feel free to contact the Staff Week team at: coil(at)

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