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Lean Startup Sprint – Your first steps with your startup idea

If you are a working on a new startup idea, apply now for this program. We’ll develop a prototype and test your idea together – the Lean Startup way.



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Startup Incubator Berlin, founding centre of the HWR Berlin


It’s fun to have startup ideas! But implementing an innovation project or starting your own business is hard. Especially in the early days, when the path is unclear and so many things seem to be important.

This Lean Startup Sprint is a coaching program for you to develop your startup idea further. You will be meeting a personal coach and receiving individual recommendations for the next steps to work on. Everything is done remotely via video calls and a digital whiteboard.
We will give you tips ad tricks to develop a prototype and evaluate your startup idea. Pitch your idea to peers and collect valuable feedback.

Apply until May 6th, as a solo founder or as a team!

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