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»Corona as a Booster« Ideathon - A global pandemic as an opportunity for change

Not everything around the Covid-19 pandemic is negative. There are also opportunities for social changes happening for the good, such as less unnecessary traveling, more digital collaboration, more flexible working hours, and a trend towards more social responsibility. But, how can we seize those opportunities and solve current challenges? Join us for an ideathon and we help you to start working on solutions!



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The ideathon is organized by the Entrepreneurship Education of HWR Berlin and supported by the Startup Incubator Berlin.

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Foto: Christian Klang

An ideathon for solving challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic

We live with Covid-19 for almost a year by now. During this time, have you ever thought “Somebody should solve this problem”? Imagine this somebody is you. Especially in times of global changes, we need creative problem-solvers like you who ask questions, dig deeper, and start to find solutions.

In this 3-day ideathon, we discuss challenges around Covid-19. An ideathon is like a hackathon. But not about programming, about developing ideas. This is what we’ll do. We will develop ideas about how to solve problems in this Corona pandemic. These problems will be presented to you by a few guests, but you can also bring your problems to this ideathon.

Maybe you love social change. Or maybe you are a tinkerer. Or maybe you are just a curious mind who questions the status quo. This ideathon is for you. We call you an entrepreneur because you want to solve a problem - and we’ll figure out what you need later (funding, experts, tests, prototype). During this ideathon, we will guide you through a process of analyzing the problem and validating prospective solutions. It’s the very first step for every innovation.

This is how the three days will look like

1st Day: Thursday 26.11.2020, 15:00 – 18:30
In the beginning, a few guests will tell their stories around Covid-19, social change, and the global pandemic. Then, you will form teams for the upcoming days. Those of you who are curious to solve a problem will join those who bring a problem to the table. Start to analyze the problem.

2nd Day: Friday 27.11.2020, 14:00 – 18:00
With entrepreneurial methods such as interviews and drafting concepts and prototypes, you will be able to specify the problem and also make the first step towards a solution. We will show you the methods, then you’ll apply them as a team.

3rd Day Saturday 28.11.2020, 9:00 – 12:30
You will still have some time to go on with your analysis. Afterward, show your solution idea to the others and collect valuable feedback.

If you want to follow up on your idea after the ideathon, be it as a side-project or as a startup, great! We as HWR Berlin and Startup Incubator Berlin would love to support you. Let’s discuss details after the ideathon.

Register now – First come, first serve!

If you want to join the ideathon, please mail to Julia Gunnoltz from the Entrepreneurship Education Team of HWR Berlin: julia.gunnoltz(at) There is a limited amount of participants, so first come, first serve. If you have an idea for a challenge you want to work on already, you can write it to Julia as well.

Collage: Julia Gunnoltz


Mara Suter and Mario Schwery from innovative teams are Innovation Consultants and certified Design Thinking Coaches. They love to guide you through the process of idea development during the ideathon.


Philipp Niegisch is one of the founders of woop woop icecream. Philipp will share his perspective on the challenges of Covid-19, drawing a bigger picture of megatrends and how they will impact future problem solutions as well as business models. From his background of having a business during Corona times he can give first hand insights.

Prof. Dr. Sven Ripsas calling himself a mindful entrepreneur, always looking for ideas for a better world. He is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at HWR Berlin. He teaches in the area of Business Model Design, Startup Financing, and Lean Startup. Working together with startups as a mentor and business angel. Sven is a real network player in the Berlin startup ecosystem.

Arne Schäufele is one of the founders of connfair. His business was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic as his company provides products for the event industry. But, connfair managed to develop a new solution for a challenge of Corona. Arne will share this story and experiences with us.

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