Knowledge and Technology Transfer at HWR Berlin

HWR Berlin brings its diverse expertise to a joint transfer and third mission strategy that involves other Berlin universities of applied sciences. The university addresses the interfaces between technical, social and economic innovations.

HWR Berlin has set itself the goal of further strengthening the practical relevance of research and teaching in a manner that consistently incorporates know-how and practical demands.

In order to achieve this goal, HWR Berlin has joined forces with five other public or publicly funded universities of applied sciences in Berlin. This network is named BIT6 – Berlin Innovation Transfer. Consequently, the universities’ transfer potential has been made more transparent and visible through the construction of joint transfer structures. Examples of this venture include a CityOffice in Ludwig Erhard Haus, a TransferMobil and a BIT6 business incubation centre. We wish to break down the barriers that inhibit cooperation. We do this by actively approaching actors (active outreach), entering into dialogue as equals, and promoting mutual understanding. We also want to network more intensively with important mediating institutions from science, politics, administration, business and society.

The Central Division Research Support Services serves as a contact point that can establish connections with staff at transfer structures or with researchers at HWR Berlin, should interested parties wish to arrange new collaborations with the university or with regional businesses.