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Wanted – academics with international experience

28 August 2017

© UAS7 / Schumacher

The large number of German academics working in the USA and Canada all consider returning home, and many of them eventually do so. A conference of the annual general meeting of GAIN discussed the ways and means of attracting them to a University of Applied Science when they eventually decide to make the move. This is also a priority of the HWR. In his capacity as the chairman of the UAS7 university association, Prof Andreas Zaby, President of the HWR Berlin, represented the German Universities of Applied Science at this year’s GAIN held in San Francisco, where he participated in three events; a workshop focussing on “Career paths at a University of Applied Sciences” and in the expert dialogues focussing on “Entrepreneurship” and “Academic Policy”.


GAIN, the “German Academic International Network” organizes an annual convention for over 400 participants drawn from German academics working in the USA and Canada together with leading figures from German academia, policy-making and industry. In addition to a range of panel discussions, workshops and lectures, the organizers also provided a “talent fair” for young researchers, providing information pertaining to a career path at a German university and research institutes. Experience shows that the career path for a professor at a University of Applied Sciences is not sufficiently familiar to potential recruits.