Place of Study: Berlin

Berlin is unique as a university location; it is diverse, stimulating and exciting - a perfect venue for students from all over the world.


Berlin, the capital of Germany, has a population of approximately 3.5 million inhabitants. Since the federal government´s relocation from Bonn to Berlin in the 1990s, the city has experienced an influx of many national and international institutions, ranging from industrial and professional organisations to diplomatic representations, and the Berlin government continues to encourage important service industries to settle here in Berlin.


Berlin is also the most important scientific centre in Germany with an unusually large concentration of colleges, universities and research institutions. Altogether, there are 15 institutions of higher education in Berlin, including three universities, four colleges of art, and eight universities of applied sciences.


As a cultural metropolis, Berlin has about 50 theatres, three opera houses, 300 libraries, and over 100 museums and cinemas. The pub scene, too, is an integral part of this extraordinary cultural life-style. It is almost impossible to estimate the number and types of pubs that are open day and night.