Working in Berlin

International students in Germany planning to work part-time need to be aware of the current study-work regulations before taking up a part-time job.


Students from the EU Member States (before May 2004) or EEA states do not need a work permit. However, in general, students are not allowed to work more than twenty hours a week.

Students from the new EU Member States (since May 2004) and all other countries are subject to particular restrictions on the German labour market, with working limited to not more than 120 full days (8 hours per day) or 180 half days (4 hours) per year. A paid internship or work experience also counts as days (or part days) worked.

The regulation on 90 full days (180 half days) can only be extended by applying to the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and the aliens registration authority (Ausländerbehörde).

All students taking on work need to have a tax card (Lohnsteuerkarte) obtainable from the Citizens Advice Bureau (Bürgeramt) responsible for their residential area.

Students in Berlin can try the student job centre to find a job.

Arbeitsvermittlung Heinzelmännchen
Hardenbergstrasse 35
D-10623 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 3112-120/-118