The Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) offers study programmes for a range of qualifications and degrees.


The Bachelor degree is the first tier of the Bachelor and Master system introduced into the German higher education system through the Bologna Process in 1999. Since a Bachelor degree is awarded after three or four years of studying, it allows graduates earlier career entry than with the former Diplom and Magister degrees. The new Bachelor programmes not only provide a reduced period of study and a better professional qualification but also allow students greater mobility.

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Bachelor - Dual Award Degree

As part of the Berlin School of Economics and Law's international approach, Bachelor Programmes are offered in cooperation with partner universities abroad. Students on a Dual Award degree programme study both in Germany and in another country and graduate with two degrees – a Bachelor from both the BSEL and the partner university. At present, there are Dual Award programmes running with partners in Great Britain and France.

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Bachelor (Company-Linked)

The company-linked Bachelor programmes combine higher education and job training. Since students on these programmes are also trainees at a company cooperating in this scheme, they study both at the BSEL and at their place of work. The company-linked courses are only held in German and require applications to be submitted one year in advance.

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The Master degree is a post-graduate qualification and the second of the two tier Bachelor and Master system introduced into German higher education system in 1999 through the Bologna Process .


A Master degree is awarded after one or two years of full-time study.


Master programmes can either be research-based or more oriented towards the application of learnt skills, depending on the specialisation. In both cases, the programmes either continue the Bachelor specialisation or else are designed to provide a broader knowledge of pertinent issues. The M.A. degree entitles the holder to start a PhD programme.


Master graduates from the BSEL are awarded a Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree.

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The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is an internationally recognised postgraduate degree in management. Prospective students applying for an MBA programme are expected to have had several years of professional work experience since taking their undergraduate degree. The BSEL offers a MBA programme with different pathways in Full-time or Part-time run by theBerlin Professional School, which is under the umbrella of the Berlin School of Economics and Law. More details:

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The BSEL also offers additional/supplementary part-time programmes specifically designed for prospective students in full-time work. The University awards a certificate to students successfully completing these courses. The certificate programmes are run together with cooperation partners (Universities or other educational institutions).

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