Foreign Business Languages

Internationalisation is the one of the leading principles in teaching and research at the Berlin School of Economics. In addition to the mandatory English language courses the Faculty of Business and Economics offers students a choice of Foreign Business Languages within its Studium Generale:

  • Business French
  • Business Spanish
  • Business Russian
  • Business German
  • Chinese for Beginners

Due to the limited space in the courses, places are allocated according to the following priority list:

  • International Business Management students
  • Incoming Erasmus students
  • Students who take the course as an elective
  • Students who have a place abroad
  • Students from higher semesters
  • Students from lower semesters

Places will be allocated under the following pre-requisites:

  • Taking the Language Proficiency Test (unless you are a beginner)
  • Regular course attendance (4 sws)
  • Participation in the Examination


  1. Students interested in taking a Foreign Business Language course can register during the registration period directly in Campus4U.
  2. After the registration period the places will be distributed according to the priority list.
  3. Students can consult their Campus4U account to see whether they have been allocated a place.

For further information students can consult the FAQs.



Schöneberg Campus

Building B, Room 1.22