German Language Courses:

Learn the Language, Understand the Culture, Experience Berlin!


  • Date: July 1 - 21, 2018
  • Course Content
    The language courses combine intensive language classes with a taste of culture and history of Berlin / Germany. We offer two courses at beginners’ level, one for absolute beginners and one for advanced beginners (see below). Both courses cover general language skills, core grammatical structures, basic vocabulary, and knowledge about German culture and living. A special focus will be on communication and pronunciation (“tongue twister”). A concert or opera performance is one of the highlights. The course also features a module on German culture & society from an intercultural perspective.

    1. Beginners’ Course: This course is aimed at students with no knowledge of German.
    2. Advanced Beginners: This course is designed for students with basic knowledge (A1) of German (after 1-2 semesters).

    In order to make sure you are placed in the course according to your precognition, we kindly ask you to inform us in detail for how long you have studied German, at which level, and/or which books you have been using in your class(es).
  • Course Language: German
  • Hours per Week: 20 - 24
  • Target Group: We welcome all that are interested in learning the German language and in getting to know German culture above 18 years of age.
  • Number of Participants: About 15 (a minimum of 10 per course is required)


Students' Hotel: double rooms with private bath and breakfast, no kitchenette. For more information, please also see FAQ on accommodation.


On weekdays lunch can be purchased in the student cafeteria for very reasonable prices.

Culture and Leisure Time Program:

The International Office team offers participants a wide variety of optional cultural and social events in Berlin and surrounding area about twice a week. This may include visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites (Museum Island in Berlin, Castles and Gardens in Potsdam), Berlin Wall Museum and Holocaust Museum, excursion to the Memorial Sachsenhausen, a boat trip, Beach Bar, a brewery tour, and many other activities.


  • 70 contact hours
  • Max. 6 ECTS credits
  • One class hour is 45 min long.


Grades will be based on active participation and regular attendance in class and class excursions, on self-study and homework assignments, and on the final examination. If students miss more than two classes, the final grade will be downgraded. Students are expected to be on time for classes. If all requirements are passed, students will be issued a certificate confirming the grade received.

Student Testimonial

Katie Brookens
Biola University (USA), German Language & Culture, 2009

“Berlin is amazing. I’m really glad that I made the decision to spend my summer here in Berlin studying at HWR. From day one I have felt welcomed and included. The program and staff have gone above and beyond all my expectations. There has been a visible effort to expose the foreign students to the plethora of cultural experiences one has immediately available while living here. The language classes are equally challenging as they are enjoyable. The studentendorf (student house), where my classmates and I are staying, is in a beautiful, safe part of town that is easily accessible by public transportation. Berlin is a lovely city and I shall miss it and the friends I have made here dearly.”