Previous Summer Programmes

The Berlin School of Economics and Law annually invites international students to the Berlin International Summer School. Our short and intensive summer academies provide a wonderful opportunity for those students who are unable to come for a whole semester due to different semester dates and missing German language skills. An important aspect of the summer academies is to promote intercultural understanding. So far, the Berlin International Summer School has welcomed students from more than 40 countries, among them Afghanistan, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, Singapore, USA, Vietnam.


In 2012, a business law programme was introduced and in 2014 a new engineering programme was launched.


The summer programmes have been a success story for the past decade. Having started very small with just one German language course in 2004, the programme has been successively expanded since. 2006 marked the emergence of the first business course called “Markets and Management in Europe”. This course has been extremely popular so that the focus of the Berlin International Summer School then shifted from language to business and economics. The following year already saw two business courses. Since then, all three business courses have received recognition from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) as “excellent summer academies”.


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