Public Administration Informatics

  • Degree
    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Type of study
    Full-time study
  • Standard period of study
    7 semesters
  • Credits (ECTS)
  • Language of instruction
  • Department / Central Institute
    Department of Public Administration

Degree programme

+++ Note: Since winter semester 2022/23, the degree program "Public Administration Informatics (B.A.)" has been replaced by the bachelor degree program "Public Administration Informatics (dual) (B.A.)", i.e. admissions as of winter semester 2022/23 will only be made to the new degree program.+++

Modern administrations have developed into complex organizations. Mem- bers of the public expect an efficient and responsive service which take full advantage of IT. The need to modernize the public service infrastructure has engendered a recruitment drive for those qualified to work to close legal and administrative specifications to design, prepare and implement IT solutions.
Seeking to cater to this personnel need, the degree programme Public Administration Informatics has tailored its syllabus to incorporate the various IT and Business Administration issues involved in modern administrative processes, based on an understanding of the legal, political, administrative and Social Science context. Students of this degree programme spend a con- siderable time practising their newly-acquired  knowledge and skills in a practical context.
Provided in collaboration with the actors of the public, private and not- for-profit sectors, students benefit from the use of cutting-edge IT applications and the practical experience which the programme gives them. This provides the best possible start to a career in both the public and private sector or the Not-For-Profit sector. The degree programme fulfils the requirements for a career as a German Civil Servant in the 2. Laufbahngruppe, 1. Einstiegsamt (gehobener allgemeiner nichttechnischer Verwaltungsdienst) with a prior Trainee Programme or other practical experience. Take part in forming the administrative architecture of tomorrow’s public service!

Professional field

Graduates of the course are qualified to assume challenging positions (includ- ing management roles) associated with the design of IT solutions in the public sector. Students choose to specialize in either the administrative or IT-related sphere. Our graduates go on to careers in public administrations, the private sector (e. g. private companies working together with state organizations) and Not-For-Profit companies.

Degree structure

The foundation stage teaches the principles of Public Administration and IT. Further semesters will integrate the knowledge and skills taught into an overview.
An internship (minimum 21 weeks and with completed in an area related to the planning, development or implementation of IT applications in a Public Administration of Not-For-Profit context) is to be completed in the sixth semester.

The syllabus contains the following skills training:

•  Academic Working Practices
•  Project and Business Process Management
•  Social Skills
•  Foreign Languages

Computer Science
•  Programming and Software Development
•  IT Infrastructures and Telecommunications Systems
•  Operating Systems
•  Databases
•  IT Security

•  Administrative Science*
•  Law (Basic Rights; Data Protection Rights; Administrative* and Civil Law*; Labour and Civil Servants’ Rights**)
•  Business Administration
•  Public Budgets
•  Ethics and Sustainability**

•  e-government
•  Specialist Procedures
•  e-government Architectures
•  Project: e-government issues
•  Internship/Practical Public Administration Informatics
•  Bachelor’s thesis

  • University entrance qualification or an entrance qualification for a University of Applied Sciences

Since winter semester 2022/23, the degree program " Public Administration Informatics (B.A.)" has been replaced by the bachelor degree program "Public Administration Informatics (dual) (B.A.)", i.e. admissions as of winter semester 2022/23 will only be made to the new degree program.

Der Studiengang ist akkreditiert und trägt das Siegel des Akkreditierungsrats.

Fees and grants

  • Tuition fees


  • Semesterfee

    ca. € 300 per semester (incl. local transport semester ticket)

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Important dates and deadlines

01.04. - 03.08.


15.07. - 10.08.

1. Prüfungszeitraum

24.09. - 15.10.

2. Prüfungszeitraum

10.05. - 11.05.

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