Cross Cultural Mentoring (CCM) for students

The programme provides you with intercultural skills, preparing you in the best possible way, and in confidence, for future professional practice. Why not get involved in an exciting exchange of ideas – something which you will benefit from!

How does Cross Cultural Mentoring specifically work?

Technical and non-technical exchanges between experienced specialists and students are promoted here. As a student, you are brought together with professionals, i.e. working people with qualified training, in order to exchange views whilst also being on a par with each other. The basic idea behind the programme is that you will get to know about dialogue and feedback cultures from a new perspective and how to try out your social skills in practical situations.

Cross Cultural Mentoring is available to all students who are completing a course at the HWR Berlin.

My mentor has not only helped me to grow as a person, but has also helped me to advance in my professional career and encouraged me to complete my studies. I have been able to learn from them about their everyday tasks in an official capacity.

Mentee (Department of Police and Security Management)