Cross Professional

Cross Professional is an interdisciplinary workshop for all university members. The aim is to introduce and reflect on experiences from the perspective of different member groups within a university context.

University members are confronted with all sorts of tasks and subjects in their everyday personal and professional capacity. For most, it is a case of learning “on the job”. However, a university which practices what it preaches must attach great importance to the importance of acting individually and making social connections, both in its teaching and research as well as in its internal processes.

Cross Professional is a way of sharing background knowledge, methodical competency and action strategies in dealing with diversity at the university. Individual questions, which have so far remained unanswered in a working context, are discussed in the workshop. The various subjects are discussed in the group and ideas are developed (further) so as to be able to implement them strategically in everyday professional life.

A change in perspective is enabled by linking different experiences and learning levels in the workshop. The aim here is to convey competence with regard to the heterogeneity of the various disciplinary cultures.

The workshop has space for 15 participants, made up of five students, five staff members with teaching duties and five staff members without teaching duties. It is led by two external diversity trainers and is held twice a year on two days.