Enrolment and re-enrolment

With enrolment you become a member of the university and can use all its facilities and visit classes. You need to re-enrol before the deadline every new semester.

The Department of Business and Economics

Department of Public Administration, Department of Legal Studies and Department of Police and Security Management

To continue your studies at the HWR Berlin, you need to re-enrol by transferring the semester fee on time. Information about re-enrolment is available via your HWR Berlin e-mail. The re-enrolment period and the semester fee due are set in „My Finca“ at the start of the re-enrolment period.

The payment must have been received within the re-enrolment period; otherwise you will incur fees for late payment. As soon as Finca records the receipt of your semester fee, you can update your CampusCard. A confirmation of enrolment, Bafög confirmation and the receipt for payment of the fee is provided in Finca under “My area” / “My documents”.

Should any blocks be registered in your student programme (e.g. lack of health insurance or the need to undergo examination counselling) you will be unable to re-enrol automatically.
If you have not re-enrolled, you will be disenrolled automatically.

Late re-enrolment

Re-enrolment is possible after the elapse of the re-enrolment deadline but within the late re-enrolment period. In such cases, students are required to pay an additional fee of 19.94 Euros.