#HEREWEARE: Summer semester 2020

The summer semester 2020 will be a particular semester. Whether students, professors or staff − we are all busy preparing ourselves. So, even if you only meet us online, we are still here for you. Which means: HERE WE ARE!

The summer semester starts on 20 April 2020 at home: in Schöneberg, Friedrichshain, Wedding or Lichtenberg. This very semester you will experience the university primarily online. Don't worry: the HWR Berlin is everywhere you are. You can contact us via e-mail, Moodle, Campus4u, Finca or phone. We are expanding our digital consultation services and will keep you posted with the latest news on this website.

#HEREWEARE: Be a vital part of the HWR Berlin

The hashtag #HEREWEARE is now calling for us to join in and show where and how we work, learn and connect digitally.

HWR Berlin in emergency operation: What does that mean exactly?

University President Prof. Dr. Andreas Zaby on the closure of Berlin universities due to the corona pandemic.

Summer semester 2020: News and events

The latest news and events on the summer semester 2020 in German can be found here:

Questions and answers for students

The corona pandemic is changing the way of studying. Lecturers and students meet online and work at home. This leads to a number of questions. You can find the answers here.

Berlin's universities will be in emergency operation from 20 March 2020. This applies for the time being until April 19, 2020. Access to the buildings of the HWR Berlin will no longer be possible after 6 p.m. on March 20.

All employees will be working in the home office from this time on. All buildings and facilities of the HWR Berlin are closed. Teachers and students do not have access either.

Online lectures instead of on-site seminars

All on-site lectures at the HWR Berlin have been suspended until further notice. This also affects dual and internal study courses. The start of the lecture period has been postponed to April 20, 2020. The summer semester will take place online.

Study online and take your exams

The courses of all study programs take place, initially without on-site attendance. Lecturers keep the studies going with online formats and other creative options and enable you to progress with your studies and take your exams. The HWR Berlin currently assumes that lectures must take place online during the entire summer semester 2020.

Retrieve material online at Moodle

Lecturers will provide you with materials in Moodle before the start of the lecture period, which has been postponed to 20 April 2020. For programmes that do not follow a semester model, teachers will provide the material as soon as possible.

No, all meetings, conferences and other public events during the lecture-free period as well as the lecture period in the summer semester 2020 have been cancelled until July 20, 2020. This applies to all events inside and outside the HWR Berlin as well as to events of third parties.

According to the Senate Chancellery for Science and Research, attendance examinations will no longer take place for the time being from 19 March 2020. In agreement with the Senate Chancellery, the HWR Berlin has decided to postpone all upcoming oral examinations. These will soon be held in online format. The written re-exams will also be postponed.

The study and examination offices will inform you about the new examination dates in time via e-mail and Moodle.

Examinations take place, but not on site

The study-related examinations for the summer semester 2020 as well as the re-examinations and replacement examinations from the winter semester 2019/2020 will be held. For the duration of the emegency operations at the HWR Berlin, lecturers only use examination forms that do not require student attendance. Deviations from the forms of examination stipulated in the respective study and examination regulations are permitted. 

Should the pandemic-related restrictions be lifted, the regulations of the respective study and examination regulations will apply. In this case, examiners may refer to the above-mentioned regulations for the summer semester 2020 if they have based their semester planning on them.

The deadline for submitting your Bachelor's or Master's thesis has been suspended since 12 March 2020 due to the current closures of universities, libraries and PC pools, at least until 11 May 2020. You can still start working on your thesis.

Deadline for submission starts on 11 May

That is: If you registered and started your thesis before March 12, 2020, the original deadline for submission has been cancelled since March 12, 2020. Your submission deadline will not start again until 11 May 2020, which means that you will have the same number of days until the submission of your thesis as you would have had from 12 March until the original submission deadline. f you registered your thesis after 12 March, the regular deadline starts on 11 May 2020. You can start writing your thesis before that date.

Please note: These rules do not apply to term papers.

How can I submit my thesis?

You can submit your thesis by e-mail to the examiners. A paper submission is currently not required.

You can now submit your term papers to your examiners by e-mail or via Moodle. Currently it is not necessary to hand in the paper version. The examination boards decide on applications for extensions. There is currently no automatic extension of the deadline for the submission of your papers.

The BVG, the S-Bahn Berlin and the other transport companies of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) accept your VBB semester ticket for the winter semester 2019/20 as a ticket for public transport until 30 April 2020 inclusive. 

It is a precondition that you can additionally present an original certificate of immatriculation for the summer semester 2020. This also applies to the additional ticket for the Berlin semester ticket. Original means: You must have the physical certificate or a printout of the digital certificate on white paper in original size.

What about first-year students?

You will start your studies at the HWR Berlin in summer semester 2020? In that case, the BVG, the S-Bahn Berlin and the other transport companies of the Berlin-Brandenburg transport association will recognize the original certificate of immatriculation for the summer semester 2020 in conjunction with your identity card as a ticket. This regulation is valid until April 30, 2020.

Where can I find my immatriculation certificate?

You can find the certificate of immatriculation at the HWR Berlin in Campus4u or Finca. Therefore it is not necessary to update your CampusCard for the time being. In case of problems with ticket controls, please contact us by e-mail: covid19-info(at)hwr-berlin.de

Please note: Unfortunately, students of the Dual Studies Department cannot view their study certificates online and will receive them after the university reopens. In case of trouble, please contact: ute.walz(at)hwr-berlin.de

On 13 March 2020, the Berlin Senate decided that libraries will stop serving the public, guests and students. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the university libraries of the HWR Berlin will remain closed at the Lichtenberg and Schöneberg campuses until further notice. 

Online services available

The online services of the university library are available to you and will be further expanded to support online teaching. You can also access e-books, online journals and databases from outside the university.

Information about the services and access can be found on the website of the HWR Berlin:

Order online essays by e-mail

In addition, you have the possibility to order online articles by e-mail. Send your order to: hsb.cs(at)hwr-berlin.de

Consulting hours of the university library

Currently you can reach the university library by phone and e-mail:

Monday to Friday: 10.00-15.00 hrs
T +49 30 30877-1284
E hsb.cs(at)hwr-berlin.de
E hsb.cl(at)hwr-berlin.de

Loan periods suspended until further notice

During library closures, there are no fees for exceeding loan periods. Please keep the borrowed media until the reopening of the universtity libraries. It is currently not possible to return them on site. Media that have been provided for you will remain reserved for you for the duration of the closing time.

Any further questions?

You can find more information on these websites:

You are planning a mandatory internship for the summer semester 2020 or have already started your internship? Then you don't have to worry that your internship will not be recognized by the HWR Berlin in the end.

Short-time work or home office make no difference

Even if you do your internship in companies or institutions that had to switch to short-time work or home office due to the Corona pandemic, your internship is still counted as successfully completed.

Good to know:

  • Your internship may start so late that you cannot fully complete it during the summer semester. You can make up for missing internship periods at a later date.
  • You can divide your mandatory internship into several sections, even if this was not previously provided for in the study and examination regulations. Sections of the internship that you complete during the summer semester will be credited by the HWR Berlin.
  • If your mandatory internship has not been completed in the summer semester, any upper limits for attending courses in addition to the internship for the winter semester 2020/2021 will be suspended.

What about my degree?

You can register for your final examination and Bachelor thesis in the summer semester 2020 even if you have not yet completed your mandatory internship. However, the oral Bachelor examination will only take place after your internship.

What if I'm ill or quarantined?

If you must be in quarantine during your internship according to the Infection Protection Act, the HWR Berlin will count the period of quarantine as part of your internship. The same applies if you fall ill during your internship. In this case, you can have your general practitioner write you a sick note by phone.

You will find more detailed information in German here:

The deadlines for applications for part-time studies or a holiday semester are extended until 9 April 2020. The reasons for your application must be credible. Please submit a digital copy of your documents.

Students who are dependent on benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) should not suffer any financial disadvantages as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. Even though the universities are currently closed and the start of the semester has been postponed due to the corona pandemic: Students who receive BAföG do not have to worry about losing their funding.

This was regulated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in a decree issued to the federal states on 16 March 2020. The Berlin Senate Chancellery for Science and Research has informed the BAföG offices of this. BAföG for students of the HWR Berlin is thus assured to the same extent as before.

BAföG for first semester students from April 2020 onward

The times when training facilities are closed due to a pandemic are treated in the same way as periods without classes or lectures. First-year students who are unable to commence their studies in the summer semester 2020 will receive their benefits as planned from the time when lectures should have started normally.

The start of the lecturing period at universities is currently postponed to 20 April 2020. A further rescheduling cannot be ruled out.

The familiar IT services will be available to you during the emergency operations at the HWR Berlin. This includes:

Teaching and learning online

Whether webinars or online conferences: On the website of the E-Learning Center you can find out which possibilities the HWR Berlin offers:

Contact the IT hotline

The IT hotline of the HWR Berlin is available and will respond to your questions: 

More information can be found on the IT website

In the summer semester 2020 there will be no face-to-face teaching in General Studies. Courses in General Studies are held exclusively online and can be taken according to the attendance times of your department.

The HWR Berlin is currently investigating which events can be offered as online formats, especially for first-year students. Any changes will be included in the respective event. Please check the event calendar of the HWR Berlin regularly.

No, on 13 March 2020, the Berlin Senate decided to close down the canteens and cafeterias at the universities until further notice.

No, on 13 March 2020 the Berlin Senate decided to suspend university sport for the time being.

Please contact the service centres by e-mail or phone. For the protection of all parties involved, personal consultations are currently not taking place. The consultation hours of the service centres can be found on the website.

The student counselling service of the HWR Berlin has extended its telephone consultation hours. You can find the current hours on the website.

The International Office of the HWR Berlin has extended its telephone consultation times. You can find the current telephone office hours on the website.

Online research at the HWR Berlin libraries

Our libraries will remain closed for the time being, but you can find helpful information online.

Go to the website of the HWR Berlin libraries

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How to find what you are looking for: Research with HoWeR

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