Veranstaltung | Berlin International Week

»Sustainability and Responsibility in the 21st Century«

From 1 to 10 November 2019, the Department of Cooperative Studies will be hosting the Berlin International Week on the Lichtenberg campus of HWR Berlin.



Campus Lichtenberg
Haus 1 
Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60
10315 Berlin


Registration is required.


Institut für Nachhaltigkeit (INa)



  • Seminars, lectures and discussion about sustainability, responsibility and sustainable innovation
  • Project work on a real-life challenge brought in by companies and other organizations to contribute to one of the sustainability goals
  • Pitching of project work results at the Start Up Incubator of the HWR
  • International teachers from different parts of the world


  • Attendance free for students and alumni of HWR as well as for students from HWR partner universities (Enrollment based on availability of places)**
  • Students of other Universities as well as other interested can be enrolled based on availability of places
  • Professors, lecturers, company representatives and other interested parties are invited to single seminars based on availability of places


The following credits can be assigned for the programme (total workload 150 hours):*

  • Participation at the entire week, 8 hours of online coaching +  elaboration of project paper in until December 23rd 2019:  5 ECTS (for students of Business Administration of HWR Department of Cooperative studies / students that register within General Studies / Studium Generale)
  • Participation at project work, academic writing and future workshop (November 7th to November 10th 2019) +  elaboration of project paper in until December 23rd 2019:  3 ECTS (for students that register within General Studies / Studium Generale)
  • Active Participation at workshops, seminars and field trips (November 1st to November 6th 2019): 2 ECTS (accreditation needs to be ensured by respective programme directors)

Admission requirements:

  • Min. language level B2 (evidence necessary)

*   Please get in contact with your programme director respective the possibility to recognize credits for this event (Workload: 150 hours).
**  For participants currently not enrolled art any University, fees might due in case that a certificate for credits is asked for.

Preliminary Schedule

Friday, 1st of November
1.30–5.30 pm Registration and welcome: Sustainibility challenges in the 21st century, Room 6B 063
6.00–8.00 pm Networking Lounge, Room 5.0001

Saturday, 2nd of November
8.15–12.30 am Microeconomic foundations: Market failures and opportunism risks, Room 5.0002
1.30–5.30 pm Focal topic I: Food Waste, Room 5.0002

Sunday, 3rd of November
8.15–12.30 am Basics of CSR and sustainability, Room 5.0002
1.30–5.30 pm Tour: Places of sustainability in Berlin, Room 5.0002

Monday, 4th of November
8.15–12.30 am Legal aspects of sustainability, Room 5.0002
1.00–5.00 pm Focal topic II: Climate policy, Room 5.0002
6.00–8.00 pm Optional (in German): Sustainability Forum on Democracy and Sustainability, Room 5.0002

Tuesday, 5th of November
8.15–12.30 am Ethical foundations of CSR and sustaiability, Room 5.0001
1.30–5.30 pm Company visit, Room 5.0001

Wednesday, 6th of November
8.15–12.30 am Sustainable Development Goals, Room 5.0002
1.30–5.30 pm Changing the mindset: Psychological aspects of sustainability/environmental psychology, Room 5.0002
6.00–8.00 pm Optional: Movie »The price of free«, with get together, Room 5.0002

Thursday, 7th of November
8.15–12.30 am Sustainable Innovation Management / Entrepreneurship, Startup Incubator
1.30–5.30 pm Introducing the challenge / Project Work, Startup Incubator

Friday, 8th of November
8.15–12.30 am Project Work, Startup Incubator
1.30–5.30 pm Project Work, Startup Incubator
6.00–8.00 pm Pitching the ideas & Jury award / Evening lounge, Room

Saturday, 9th of November
8.15–12.30 am Academic Writing, Room 5.0002
1.30–5.30 pm Group Work, Room 5.0002

Sunday, 10th of November
8.15–12.30 am Future Workshop, Room 5.0002
1.30–5.30 pm Future Workshop / Farewell, Room 5.0002