Gruppe Studierender im Foyer

Department of Cooperative Studies

The Department of Cooperative Studies (Fachbereich Duales Studium) of the Berlin School of Economics and Law offers special study programmes, that combine full-time classroom study with regular practical on-the-job trainings. Within a standard studying time of three years the students gain profound theoretical business knowledge as well as practical working experience.


Upon successful completion of one of the 3-year programmes the student is awarded either a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Science degree.


The concept of company-linked programmes originally comes from Baden-Wurttemberg, where renowned companies such as Bosch, Daimler-Benz, SEL amongst others, claimed for more praxis-oriented study programmes and fostered their development already decades ago. Therefore the first so called “Berufsakademie” was founded in Baden-Wurttemberg already in 1974.


The “Berufsakademie” in Berlin was founded in 1993 as a public study facility and became a faculty of the former Berlin School of Economics in 2003.


The Berlin School of Economics today offers around 2,000 places to study in the Department of Cooperative Studies, mainly in the field of business-related subjects, but also in a number of technical disciplines. 700 companies cooperate with the Berlin School of Economics by functioning as visiting partners for the practical trainings.


The company-linked study programmes of the Berlin School of Economics and Law are approved intensive study programmes. They submit a qualification profile that complies with the requirements of modern economy. Therefore, graduates of these programmes are highly attractive candidates for potential employers on the international labour market.