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Prof. Dr. Frank Habermann

Frank Habermann is Professor at Berlin School of Economics and Law and the founder of Becota - The Berlin Consulting & Talent Association. Frank has a proven track record in project management, change management, and organizational learning.


After completing his vocational training at Mercedes Benz and receiving a university degree in General Management, Frank was a researcher at the German Institute for Artificial Intelligence, majoring in Business Information Systems. He gained a visiting Professorship at Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business in Dublin, Ireland, and appraised the accreditation of educational programs for leading business schools and corporate universities for the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) in Brussels, Belgium. Over many years as a consultant, Frank oversaw the implementation of enterprise applications in public sector institutions as well as in multinational corporations in the private sector. As a member of the extended Board of German IMC AG he co-headed the consulting unit and was responsible for the firm’s international business. In 2009 Frank founded the consultancy Becota (www.becota.com), and in 2013 the project community "Over the Fence" (www.overthefence.com.de). Since early 2010 Dr. Habermann holds a professorship for Business Adminitration at Berlin School of Economics and Law (www.hwr-berlin.de). His current work emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration in  complex projects.


Prizes and Awards:

  • IELA International E-Learning Award, Honorable Mention (2013)
  • IELA International E-Learning Award, Honorable Mention (2012)
  • International Award for Excellence in Management (2011)
  • Dr. Eduard Martin Award (2002)
  • IfEW (Empirical Research Institute) Award (2001)
  • ICIS Student Award (2000)