Kursprogramm SoSe 2017

Design Thinking and Interdisciplinary Problem Solving

Learning Outcomes and Competences
Design Thinking is a human-centred process to generate
innovative solutions and ideas. The Design Thinking steps are
interactive and fast – this suits perfectly today ́s agile operating
principles. In this course, participants learn every single step and
methods behind it. They practise how to use these in a team and
individually for their own project. Moreover, they are introduced to
dynamic group processes and their importance for constructive
collaboration among interdisciplinary teams.

1. Design Thinking versus traditional work methods
2. Interactive steps of Design Thinking
3. Team and space
4. Research, building empathy
5. Defining the problem
6. Idea creation
7. Prototyping and testing
8. Implementation
Workshops, hands–on exercises, group training.

Further Information

Examination Type
Project Work Submission